References for Rich Sharing and Clusterken

As more work moves to the cloud, the need for ever more diverse forms of sharing arise. In particular, the need to be able to share securely and transparently grows more urgent.

Below is a potpourri of links to videos, podcasts, technical papers, and live demos on transparently secure sharing. Topics include

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5 Minute Videos (and More)

If you have just a few minutes to learn a little bit about rich sharing, check out some of these 5 minute (approximately) videos. Or if you have more time, there are some longer multimedia presentations here as well:

Papers and Tech Reports

If you have more time, you can peruse these longer documents.

Rich Sharing for the Web is a tech report describing the principles of rich sharing.

Zebra Copy: A Reference Implementation of Federated Access Management describes how to implement ZBAC using SAML certificates rather than unguessable urls and webkeys.

Solving the Transitive Access Problem for the Services Oriented Architecture won a Best Paper award and describes another problem domain in which ZBAC affords a straightforward solution to a traditionally intractable problem. While the paper predates the articulation of the ideas of rich sharing, it is in fact another domain in which those principles prove crucial.

Clusterken: A Reliable Object-Based Messaging Framework describes the development of an earlier pubsub system from which the PubShare application evolved.

Introduction to Waterken Programming is a tutorial for building applications with Waterken, the distributed system development framework upon which Clusterken is built. All the descriptions of features and techniques described here apply to Clusterken; Clusterken has additional features beyond what are described here, for interacting with cluster resources. This paper takes you through the process of building your own servers; it is easier to get started by using the Quick Dev environment with a pre-existing cluster, as offered by the first link on this page.

A Reliable and Secure Application Spanning Multiple Administrative Domains describes the Waterken underpinnings in more detail, in the context of a significant rich-sharing application built upon it.

Towards Fearless Distributed Programming offers another perspective on the workings of Clusterken (and Waterken) underpinning technology. This is easy to read but somewhat obsolete.