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  • The Ebrowser is a simple (even austere) E browser/editor.  It does supply an outline-view of the functions, objects, and methods in an E source file; double-clicking in the outline takes you to the selected function/object/method. It also has an embedded pretty printer.

  • Executable Source and License

    To get Securit-Edesk as an executable source file that can be run directly on E, go here.

    Securit-Edesk is covered by the Mozilla 1.1 Public License without the Netscape-specific amendments. To see the exact text of the Securit-Edesk license go here.


    Ebrowser expects to see the name of the file you want to browse on the command line. So you'd enter a command like

    e eBrowser.e sourceFile.e

    You can easily create a batch file in desktop systems like Windows and KDE/Linux which, when you drag/drop a source file on the batch file, it brings up the file in an eBrowser.

    Press the Refresh button to rebuild the outline in the left pane; the outline becomes stale as you add/remove lines from the source file. Pressing Reformat will turn on the pretty printer; in the current version, the pretty printer formats using tabs, with a tab being equal to 4 spaces. You can chance this easily enough by modifying the tabValue variable in the code, if you need to use spaces rather than tabs.

    Putting text in the textfield at the top and pressing Find will search from the current location of the cursor to find the text; putting a number in the same textfield, and pressing Goto Line will take you to that line number.

    Outstanding Bugs and Issues

    This is a list of bugs, issues, fixes and enhancements that may someday be dealt with in Ebrowser.

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