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Capabilities Versus Java and E

Capability Concepts Java Object Instances E Object Instances
Interest Object Eobject
Primitive Native Method --
Capability Object Reference * Eobject Reference
Access Right Method ** Method
Message Call


Source Caller, for a Call

Callee, for a Return

Recipient Callee, for a Call

Caller, for a Return

Subject Argument

Return Value


* A Java object reference is a base case version of a capability, wherein the capability is all the methods in its interface

** Not all methods really represent authority that needs access rights. If a method simply performs a calculation, security is not an issue. If, however, the method reaches "outside", to either the hardware, the user, or the operating system, to read or write information, it is an access right and it is conveying authority.

As a warm-up to looking at Java through capability eyes, we map out here the relationship between the terminologies used in Java and capability based security worlds. We also map out the E terminology, since that will be important in gaining real security with Java.