CapDesk Features

CapDesk has the following features, all wrapped in a user-friendly point and click user interface that does not require passwords or irritating security-oriented dialog boxes. For more information about how CapDesk can achieve so much in a fashion that is so transparent to the user, see the Introduction to Capability Security for Users at CapDesk features include:

The security claims made here have been reviewed under the auspices of DARPA, for whom Combex contracted with a team including Dr. David Wagner of UC Berkeley to conduct a security review. You can read their review at

We have succeeded in marrying security, power, and usability to an extent that would otherwise seem unachievable because CapDesk's underlying paradigm, capability-based security, has been poorly explored and more poorly understood by the computer security community for three decades. To read a draft of a paper by the Combex CTO, which describes and corrects several crucial misunderstandings of capability security, please contact Marc Stiegler.