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In Praise Of EarthWeb

 Early reviewers of EarthWeb have made the following comments:

Vernor Vinge, Hugo-winning author of A Fire Upon the Deep:

  • "In EarthWeb, Marc Stiegler describes a deadly interstellar invasion of our solar system. At the same time, Stiegler shows how the Internet could be used for enormous improvements in productivity, development speed, and decision making. The result is a high-voltage adventure story -- and an intriguing look at what the World Wide Web may become."

Dr. Eric Drexler, author of Engines of Creation(now freely available online) and Nanosystems:

  • "The Web today is a babbling toddler; Marc Stiegler shows us the articulate adult."

John Gilmore, Founding Director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation:

  • "A groundbreaking extrapolation of the social impact of an `information economy'."

Chris Peterson, Executive Director of The Foresight Institute:

  • "A long-term forecast of Web dynamics had better "sound like science fiction," or it will be wrong. To be right, it had better sound like this science fiction. Read it to pull way ahead of today's Web pundits."

Max More, President of the Extropy Institute:

  • "A wondrous ride through our digital future."

David D. Friedman, author of Machinery Of Freedom:

  • "Marc Stiegler's Earthweb is one of the most interesting science fiction novels I have read in recent years, an entertaining story set against the background of an emerging technology which very few people have thought about--the technology of generating information and coordinating human efforts using online markets.

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